Oligoscan is an exciting ,German engineered TGA approved device that allows practitioners to immediatly and precisley test patients for tissue levels of trace elements and heavy metals for  specific prescriptions. Scanning is done more easily and quickly compared to other methods using a non-invasive method, which is more ideal for children. This test performed in a relaxed office setting without any pain using Oligoscan equipment. Especially no trips to a labs and no waiting time like other tests do.


Why it is important? Mineral imbalances are prolific in today’s society due to mineral depletion of the soil, processed foods, and high consumption of acid related foods. Bio-markers identifying mineral imbalances are excellent indicators of bone health, Which is a major concern for woman during hormonal transitions. Here it’s a good indicator of the metabolic processes and also good indicator of the transport of minerals to and from the storage areas of the body. Thus it is very important to undertake Oligoscan so as to over come any further complications. If you are planning for pregnancy it is very important to know that heavy metals such as lead and mercury are causing our children autism, learning disability, low IQ, behaviour problems.

Roger Williams, PHD, published research data showing that children of the same family had significantly different nutritional needs. One child required several times more of a particular nutrients than the other. Adults of the same age and size in similar environmental settings also showed several – fold difference in their nutritional requirements in order to maintain health. Dr. Williams referred to this as “biochemical individuality.” so, there are 2 ways to generate symptoms as the nutrient isn’t there or it is blocked by something.

This test is very cost effective and less time cosuming. Results from this test are more accurate and more stable irrespective of other tests such as blood test where it is affected by emotion. More importantly it detects a time frame of early 30-40 days before depositing the metal into the tissues as the liver,bone,teeth and hair,which is more advanced in detection compared to other tests.

Finally instant result with this test will help to start the treatment straightaway without any delay or heavy damage to the tissues and also good for monitoring

Oligoscan test cost you with reasonable rate $135. if you get this test two times and the third test we do for free.

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