Acupuncture for Fertility Brisbane, Pregnancy and IVF Case Study

Rose suffered from infertility, PMS, muscular pain/cramps, weight gain, depression, anxiety, and nervousness. Her Anti-Mullerian Hormone level (AMH) was very low at 1.2ng/ml (this is a measure of egg reserves) and she was told by her doctor that because of this her success rate for IVF was was very low at 5%. For more information on how AcuNatural Health was able to assist Rose, click here.

What should I do as soon as I decide to try for a baby?

Falling Pregnant: Where do I Start?

The first step is to stop taking the pill if you haven’t already. Next, it is important to seek fertility acupuncture Brisbane and herbal treatments as well as to formulate a tailored detox plan. It’s vital to begin to flush out all the toxins in the body which have been accumulated and created by the pill.

Pregnancy Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help to re-balance the body and creating a more harmonious environment to conceive. Many women often find that going off the pill results in painful menstruation or irregular cycles, factors which lower the chances of conception. TCM can help to put the odds in your favor, within three months most women can have established a normal, health cycle.

For the first six months after establishing and maintain a healthy cycle, I recommend trying to conceive naturally, if this yields no results, consider seeking IVF and fertility acupuncture as well as herbal treatments to support IVF procedures to further increase the likelihood of conception.

Most importantly, I stress, that it’s important not to waste time seeking to conceive naturally when you may be working against irregular periods or even conditions like endometriosis. In being unable to conceive during this time, you may begin to feel rushed, as if time is running out or be forced to seek successively, financially straining IVF treatments. In keeping with your best interests of remaining optimistic and calm during a period fueled with much potential anguish as well as conceiving in the least invasive and natural way, it’s necessary to consider using your time effectively and seeking the right assistance if you need it quickly.

Fertility Acupuncture Brisbane

Acupuncture for Fertility Brisbane

How can I help you?

The question first becomes, what would you like to help me with? In establishing attainable goals for your long term treatment and condition, there is an ideal to work towards. One of the successes points of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine lies in its being tailor made for specific people with specific circumstances.

Each consultation will allow me to map out an individual program for you or both you and your partner to help you attain your goal, which can be adjusted accordingly as your body and/or your partner’s body changes from week to week in response to treatment and lifestyle improvements.

What should I expect from my first consultation?

During your first consultation, we’ll speak about your health ideals and goals, what you seek to attain from your treatment. In order to know how to progress to reach these, I will take your pulse, perform a general physical check and examine your tongue.

Taking your pulse is non-invasive or painful, you will simply be asked to extend one or both arms, wrist facing upwards. I will then place three fingers on pulse points on the wrist to understand your current health condition. The strength, pace and texture of the pulse will inform me as to how the pathways of qi are flowing through your body, and any potential blockages creating disharmony in the body. Whilst this method may seem imprecise or underdeveloped, the response of the pulse will be classified under specific terms which allow TCM practitioners to understand a much broader range of conditions, signs and symptoms than Western methods.

A general physical check involves aspects such as surveying your physical complexion, body, mood and appearance. This will help shed light on your mental frame of mind as well as your wellbeing, by surveying the manifestations of your health on your outer most physical being.

In performing a tongue diagnosis, I will be looking at the colour of the tongue and its coating to understand what type of imbalance or illness you may have. Different parts of the tongue correspond to different internal organs, the colour of the tongue indicates whether the body is suffering from excess cold or heat and the coating on the surface is indicative of what kind of problem is associated with that special part of the tongue.

What type of tests should I bring to my practitioner?

There is very much a place for Western and Eastern medical treatments to co-exist peacefully and work effectively towards attaining the best solution for you, the patient. I aim to create one of these places in my clinic.

Western medicine tests such as blood tests, hormone tests, ultrasound scans, semen analysis, and laparoscopy are extremely helpful in showing me what I areas I should be working on with you to help you conceive. Bring to your first and following consultations these, and any other tests you have which can convey to me the deeper troubles you and your partner are having in your journey to conception. These Western methods are an extremely effective and efficient way of identifying problems, which practitioners can utilize in prescribing herbal formulas and performing fertility acupuncture Brisbane treatments.

If have had several courses of IVF or IUIs, what should you do?

Many couples seek TCM support after rounds of unsuccessful IVF or IUI treatments. Despite the circumstances you may find yourselves in, do not feel as if there is no hope. There are many reasons why you may have failed to conceive so far, and many alternative avenues still available for you to try that will result in a baby.

At times like these you may feel desperate, as if time is running out as the chances of conception grow slimmer and slimmer, with menopause all too soon on the horizon. However TCM aims to discover why Western fertility treatments may not have brought you success, and approach the same problem from a different perspective. Throughout the process, I will provide realistic forecast and support you in choosing the best treatment for you. Each couple and each story is different, which will prompt different treatment plans and journeys.

What is good about IVF?

IVF seeks to increase the chances of conception than would otherwise normally exist. Naturally, a woman should release one egg per cycle, however IVF stimulates ovaries so that it releases more potential eggs that can be fertilised, ideally around 15 or so. A man’s sperm is also collected and introduced to the eggs so that fertilisation is ensure to occur, creating embryos. These embryos are then transferred back into the woman’s womb after a number of days, decided at your doctor and your discretion (these exists much debate as to when is the best time for re-implantation). The number of embryos transferred into the womb depends largely on age and other factors which may seemingly mitigate the chances of conception, however multiple embryos are not implanted for fear that this would negatively affect the mother’s health and result in multiple births.

There exist many benefits to IVF, however realistically the success rate of IVF is not very high. Many of the women who pass through my clinic discover that at this point of their lives their bodies are not in the optimum health frame to support a growing child.

Natural Fertility Brisbane

What are the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

TCM can help any woman during any part of her path to conception. Whether it be at the very first step as she is coming off the pill, or after successive bouts of unsuccessful IVF treatments.

Chinese manAlthough IVF is in many ways a miracle of modern medicine, restoring hope to women, unfortunately it simply does not have as high a success rate as one would hope. This is because many women find after remaining on the pill and being susceptible to many of life’s difficulties (poor nutritional intake, a polluted environment) their bodies may not be able to support an embryo.

TCM can help improve the chances of conception by creating a better environment for implantation as well as improving the quality of male sperm and female eggs, so that if conception in the natural manner fails, and IVF becomes necessary, couples are more likely to succeed with less stress and financial detriment.

What if I feel like my money is being wasted with IVF?

Couples may feel like their financial and emotional resources are being wasted when IVF continues to be recommended despite there being no successes and other option which exist but have not been explored.

Do you have fertility problems?

If you experience irregular periods, painful periods, high FSH levels, do not ovulate or have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammation and/or ovary atrophy it is likely that you will have trouble conceiving.

Chances of conception are also decreased as age increases. Depending on when you will genetically experience menopause. Conversely it is important to add that young people, despite the social stigma, should also not be expected to fall pregnant straight away. Problems for women of all ages may exist, or they may not exist. Whilst TCM can always make conditions more favourable, it is important to remember stress will not help any woman in her endeavours.

Acupuncture for Fertility Brisbane City and Bowen Hills – IVF & Pregnancy

Infertility falls under two categories, primary infertility where someone who has never fallen pregnant finds it difficult to fall pregnant, and secondary infertility, where someone who has fallen pregnant or had children in the past finds it difficult conceiving again. Whilst couples who are suffering from both primary or secondary infertility are encouraged to seek out and perform medical investigations, there is no need to resort to IVF just yet. Opportunities still exist to help conceive easily and naturally.

Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles in conceiving is the menstrual cycle. In many ways conception is a magic moment where everything balances. Hormones are not in excess or deficient, intercourse has occurred during the right part of the cycle and the body is strong enough to support life. This all occurs on the back of a healthy and normal menstrual cycle, so it becomes very important to sustain and maintain one, to increase the likelihood of falling pregnant. A normal menstrual cycle is generally between 28 – 30 days.

Acupuncture for fertility Brisbane

Should I try for a baby straight after I stop the pill?

Naturally you will wish for the quickest results after coming off the pill, however it’s important to understand that falling pregnant is in many ways a number of delicate factors falling into place at just the right time. For this reason your body may require time to adjust, and be unable to conceive right after you stop taking the pill, so do not panic or stress if conception does not occur soon afterwards, Consider using this time of adjustment as an opportunity to grow healthier and create the best environment for sustaining and growing life, whether this be by going on a detox plan, taking nutritional supplements or seeking TCM treatment.

How should I approach Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments?

Approach TCM with an open mind and the knowledge that it has the power to open doors Western medicine may not be able to, by working with doctors to deliver the best treatment to you.

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