We are extremely lucky at AcuNatural Health to have lots of positive stories of people trying to fall pregnant who do so under our care. Although the circumstances are all different, the happy and warm feelings we get from hearing, being a part of, and sharing these stories never changes.

Here is just one of our more recent stories:

Abby (not real name) came to us on the recommendation of her friend, and one of our loyal customers. She and her partner had been trying to fall pregnant for 9 months with no success.

Her doctor asked her to do a scan and found that she had a small 6mm polyp in her uterus. Her doctor attributed this as the main reason she could not fall pregnant. The doctor believed she would need surgery to remove the polyps and go on medication that would stop her body producing oestrogen, stimulating a menopause-like reaction in the body.

Abby had been seeing another acupuncturist, but upon hearing her friend’s praise of Jane Ma, our excellent and experienced in acupuncture, she decided to give AcuNatural Health a go.

Jane immediately got to work, working on 20 major acupuncture points around the body. Abby contributes this to the quick results she began to see – her previous acupuncturist had only been using 5 points.

After her third treatment, Abby was a day late with her period. In her words, she has never been late. Immediately she tried a pregnancy test and got a blood test to be extra sure – and both tests came back positive!

Abby is yet to have a scan to see what has happened to her polyps, but has avoided surgery as well as unnecessary medication and is now preoccupied with her upcoming baby.

Abby now sees us every fortnight and is happy as can be!


I saw Jane in November ’16 for a frozen shoulder. I had very limited movement, pain and disturbed sleep. I had this injury since February ’16 and had seen little improvement in being able to move my arm. By December ’16, I had regained 75%movement, and less pain, just through acupuncture. In January ’17, I have 99% movement and no pain, with the combination of Jane with acupuncture and Shannon with massage.

I have had a fantastic result. Thank you to both Jane and Shannon.



“I found Jane, quite by accident, when I goggled Chinese Practitioners in the Brisbane area. I live in CQ, so I wanted a Practitioner who I could see on my one off visit to Brisbane, but still keep in contact with via phone or email.

I attended my appt with Jane and discussed my major problems of dry mouth, tiredness, and menopause symptom’s. Also, I talked to her about my brain tumours. I’ve had one major operation nearly 5 years ago and was now living with 2 new ones and the one that was operated on was now growing back again.

Since then Jane has been a miracle worker with her herbal teas and pills. My dry mouth is slowly improving, but my day and nights sweats are now gone. I was only on her pills for a few days when the sweats just stopped. Finally, after years, I was having the best night’s sleep. And I have increased energy levels and I feel, a new lease on life.

I thank Jane every day for what she was able to do for me. She continues to work on my dry mouth and her next phone call, we will discuss my brain tumours. She is hoping to help reduce them.

I’m so happy I found Jane. Her service and understanding of one’s health is a miracle. After years of being on pain medication etc. I just wanted natural remedies. I was sick of living a life as a zombie. Drugged out and sleeping all of the time.

I’ve told all of my family and friends about Jane. Hoping that they will contact her, if needed, and get the same wonderful results that I have received in about 6 weeks.

Many thanks Jane, you truly are a wonderful person with an extraordinary talent.”



“I am a perimenopausal woman aged 54. Just a little over 6 months ago I was completely exhausted, so much so that I started to wonder if I was suffering from chronic fatigue or some more serious condition. My periods had at times been so heavy, they lasted for three weeks. This more than anything else made me feel a loss of ‘joy of life’ and confidence. I felt I didn’t even have the energy to plan for exciting things in my life- it was all too hard.

I suffered mood swings, PMT, insomnia, low libido, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness. I am normally a very optimistic person- I felt that my personality had even changed. Since seeing Jane and focusing on my health issues, I am now able to function normally again.

My energy has returned and I feel that I am back in control of my life rather than at the mercy of these horrible symptoms. Jane is an extremely gifted practitioner. She is kind and wise as well. Jane immediately worked out a clear plan for me with weekly acupuncture and daily herbs. I feel so grateful for her help and would recommend her to everyone, especially if they are suffering from perimenopausal symptoms.”



When I first landed myself in Jane’s clinic, I was nothing short of a mess.

A chronic neck and upper back problem, which has haunted me throughout my whole adult life, had reappeared uglier than ever. My usual prescription for pain relief incorporated a series of visits to my regular osteopath, twice-weekly ART™ massage therapy, the maximum daily dose of Ibuprofen, and yoga practice. This time however, no relief came.

After a few weeks, what was once rote neck and back pain, had grown to become an agony that was absolutely debilitating. I began to worry that something more sinister was going on and booked myself in for an MRI scan. The results showed nothing but a perfectly healthy neck. Relief at this point seemed hopeless. Followed by breaking point, which came when I endured my first full-blown, three-day migraine.

That’s when I found Jane, and I am so happy that I did.

I had experienced the amazing efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine years prior for help in curing my Glandular Fever. However, I’d never before considered it as a treatment for my re-occurring neck and back condition. Under the pre-conceived (and disillusioned) belief that needles and herbs with names I can’t pronounce couldn’t possibly fix a problem as pragmatic as tension buried in my neck. But the times were different now and I was a desperate woman. So, I decided to sustain any slight skepticism I had and instead, place all my faith in AcuNatural Health.

Jane, of course, has completely altered by perception on the power that Chinese Medicine has to cure stress and muscular related issues. After my initial session with her, through a combination of cupping and acupuncture, I experienced decreased pain immediately. The first signs of relief I’d had in weeks!

Jane undertook an intensive and thorough examination of my health and lifestyle in the true holistic Chinese approach. Covering the key cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine: diet, sleep and lifestyle. Then, deep diving further into my medical history and that of my family’s, plus a detailed look at the functioning of my body’s organs. This took about 30 to 45 minutes – a refreshing experience to the revolving door effect that unfortunately occurs too often within GP clinics.

Jane prescribed weekly visits over the course of a month and a half, with interchanging acupuncture and massage sessions. The latter treated by the amazing Shannon who was able to decrease the pain through her deep knowledge of Chinese Massage principles and experienced hands. Jane also prescribed a mixture of Chinese herbs, that I could easily take morning and night, to help break up the phlegm that was causing the stagnated energy where the pain was appearing in my body.

The results were that in 2 weeks, I was practically pain free. Only a slight stiffness would arise in the morning that was quickly resolved once my body began to move.

After one and a half months, the pain was completely gone.

Now at the time of writing this testimonial, three months since I first visited Jane and Shannon, I remain completely pain free. An amazing result. Made even more so by the fact that within this time I have gone through highly stressful experiences (including an overseas relocation) that would usually pull the trigger on my old pain.

Overall, AcuNatural Health provided a service that went absolutely beyond my expectations. I did not believe that Chinese Medicine could be so effective in resolving back and neck pain. Through Jane’s truly tailored treatment – plus the passion, love and attention that I imagine she shares with each one of her patients – I have been able to regain my life again, pain free!

Thank you Jane and Shannon both for your loving care to help me get back on track with my health and make me strong once again!”




“I started seeing Jane for issues relating to female hormone imbalance in 2015. In under 2 months she had helped me to regulate my monthly cycle and I credit her for helping to prepare my body for pregnancy (we actually conceived before we had even really started trying!).

I am currently deep into the third trimester of my pregnancy and have had a great experience so far. I had minimal nausea and fatigue in the first trimester and managed to escape most of the common pregnancy complaints like swelling and general aches and pains.

I believe monthly treatments with Jane have helped my body adjust well to the demands of carrying a baby and have kept me relaxed and balanced throughout these almost 9 months now.

Jane is very gentle and always listens to your needs. She is lovely and professional in her manner and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone, especially those wanting to ensure a smooth and strong pregnancy. We are very excited to meet our little baby soon and bring him in for a visit to Jane!”



Acupuncture for IVF embryo transfer- currently 26 weeks pregnant

“I started acupuncture with Jane after my second IVF embryo transfer failed. I had heard that combining IVF with acupuncture can be beneficial, and I thought it was worth exploring.

As I was preparing for my third embryo transfer, Jane requested that I chart my temperature as well as report on the thickness of my lining from scans with my fertility specialist. As I have a very long cycle (35-40days), Jane suspected that the lining of my uterus was too thin to support a pregnancy previously, and that acupuncture treatment may be able to assist with this.

I commenced acupuncture treatments with Jane on a weekly basis leading up to the embryo transfer, while carefully monitoring the thickness of my lining. Treatments then increased to several times per week either side of the transfer, and then back to a weekly treatment. When I had my embryo transfer, my lining was to the appropriate thickness, as well as showing the necessary three-layers that are indicative of a good lining.

I received a positive pregnancy test two weeks later, and I am currently 26 weeks into my pregnancy with no complications. I now see Jane for an acupuncture treatment once per month until the birth of my baby.

I find the acupuncture treatments relaxing, and a reminder for me to slow down and look after myself and my baby. I would highly recommend Jane for acupuncture treatment combined with IVF as I feel she provides a service that compliments IVF treatment, while also looking into issues that hadn’t yet been considered. Jane has also been a great resource for lifestyle advice while pregnant, as well as providing supplements to support my pregnancy.”



Period for the first time after 3 years with No Period– Polycystic Ovaries

“I believe in healing the underlying cause of ailments and not masking symptoms, so I had a consultation with Jane after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Her advice and support led me to getting my period for the first time in 3 years after only a few weeks of having acupuncture, oestrogen and Chinese herbal medicine. I would definitely recommend Jane’s knowledge and care to anyone dealing with PCOS, cysts or other ailments and I look forward to seeing my health and healing further progress with the help of acupuncture.

I stopped getting my period after having normal cycles for at least a year. After about 1 year I decided to go to a female doctor about it which led me to getting a blood test and ultrasound. The doctor didn’t seem to find anything significant in my blood test or ultrasound, and concluded that I may be under a lot of stress and should just try to keep a healthy lifestyle. I found little reason to be stressed after graduating high school and returning from an overseas trip. I got another blood test and ultrasound to conclude that I had the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with cysts on my left ovary. I could tell my metabolism had slowed down as well since I had put on about 5 kg that year despite eating well and staying active. I decided to wait to see a specialist before trying the doctor’s suggestion of diabetes medication. In the meantime I did some research about alternative therapies for PCOS and discovered a testimonial about it on Jane’s acupuncture website.

I am very happy with how Jane has daringly listened to my situation. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the treatment she suggested has helped my body start getting back on track to normal cycles. I look forward to seeing how my body progress further with continued acupuncture. Jane is definitely worth seeing for anyone looking for a gentle way to deal with hormone or fertility issues.

Kind Regards,



Period Within 6 Weeks After No Period For 7 Months – Polycystic Ovaries

I started acupuncture with Jane Ma after going 7 months without my period since coming off the pill. My temperature chart and blood tests indicated that I was still not producing sufficient hormones and I had a tendency towards low thyroid. An ultrasound also revealed polycystic ovaries. I knew that my hormones were completely out of balance. Although I was already seeing a naturopath, I thought acupuncture might help as well, as I had heard that it could be very beneficial for problems relating to female reproductive health.

After talking with Jane on the phone I felt confident she could help me, and I tried acupuncture for the first time. Within 6 weeks of treatment (including taking Chinese herbal medicine) I had my period. I was surprised at how quickly my body responded to the treatments, as I was prepared for it to take several months at least.

I have since had another regular cycle and my temperature chart continues to show improvement. I am really glad I found Jane. She is very perceptive and I find her to be more knowledgeable than most GPs in the area of women’s health, plus her treatments are very gentle and relaxing. I especially appreciate her willingness to work alongside other treatment methods (whether it be Western medicine or Naturopathy) and her willingness to listen to the person being treated to find the best treatment plan. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone experiencing issues with health or hormone imbalance.



Instant Relief From Tennis Elbow, Gone After 6 Weeks

I developed tennis elbow a few years ago and I have consulted a number of medical professionals who told me my recovery time could take up to 12 months. It was even suggested that I go on steroid medication which I really preferred not to given the adverse side effects associated with this medication. By the time I had my first appointment with Jane Ma, I could not even lift a bowl with my arm. I felt instant relief after the first appointment of acupuncture and by the third my mobility was 85% improved. After a few more sessions, I was back to normal – that was 6 weeks!! I was so impressed with Jane Ma’s treatment that I have gone back for treatment for headaches and general wellbeing. If you are experiencing some sort of pain, I would highly recommend that you give Jane Ma a call – she will not only fix the problem but also look at the cause. I have recommended Jane Ma to family, friends and work colleagues as her treatments work for me.

For women’s health:

I been seeing Jane for years, in addition to helping me with some pain issues, she helped me to regulate my menstrual cycle and as a result I fell pregnant fairly easily. Jane Ma supported me with her treatments during my pregnancy as I suffered from strong morning sickness and headaches. I now have a healthy baby. I have recommended Jane to family, friends and work colleagues who have “women” issues as she will look at it from a holistic point of view.



Significant Reduction In 15 Year Hip Pain and Increased Movement & Avoided Surgery

I have had on/off groin pain with tightness in my right hip over the last 15 years. I had previously tried physiotherapy and was looking into surgical options before my wife convinced me to see Jane Ma. After the first visit in August 2014 the tightness in my hip was significantly reduced. It enabled me to return to light exercise to lose weight. After successive treatment over the next couple of months in conjunction with physiotherapy I have achieved a massive reduction in pain and stiffness. My hip and groin is the best it has been in years. I believe the acupuncture and the traditional Chinese medicine Jane Ma provided has significantly improved my mobility and functionality and would have no problem recommending her to other clients that have experienced chronic pain.



“Nothing has helped until I came to Jane. No longer taking paracetamol with codeine.”

I only wish someone had recommended acupuncture sooner.

I don’t like needles so I had never really considered acupuncture because I couldn’t understand why you would willingly have someone stab you with needles. But acupuncture is nothing like the needles for taking blood and you hardly feel them. Unfortunately with so many things wrong for so long, it wasn’t a quick fix for me. But more normal (& hence my hormones are started to balance); the excessive sweating has stopped; my period is improving (less pain and bleeding each cycle); and my energy levels began increasing. Jane is great because she takes the time to explain and answer questions. She looks at the whole picture instead of only one symptom at a time like all the other doctors and specialists did. Jane combined acupuncture and Chinese medicine to try and rid my body of a uterine myoma (fibroid) to balance my hormones and normalize my periods. I haven’t finished my treatment yet but I’ve gone from always feeling tired, being low in energy and only having a couple of days each month when I felt “normal” to now having energy & feeling more “normal” the majority of the time- only feeling tired/low energy for one and a half weeks per month. I had headaches most days before I started treatment with Jane. I also had extremely heavy and painful periods. The pain has reduced by about 10% each time so I am no longer taking paracetamol with codeine. For a similar cost of a doctors’ appointment, you get a 45+minute appointment, which includes treatment and consultation. I’ve been to all sorts of doctors and specialists where they kick you out the door within 5min, they don’t listen or explain anything and they have no answers. Nothing has helped until I came to Jane.



Eye Surgery Made Things Worse. Within 4 Weeks My Eyes Were 50% Better.

I have been experiencing eye problems for the past 4 years which ranges from dry eye syndrome to red irritated sclera. I had several eye surgeries in an attempt to correct the problem, which actually made things worse. I did a lot of research and found out that in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the eyes are directly connected to the health of the liver. This discovery prompted me to find a TCM practitioner that I could trust and work with to bring my organs back into a state of balance to hopefully start reversing my various eye conditions. I started working with Jane Ma in October 2012 where she prescribed some Chinese herbs targeted around stress relief as well as Chinese herbs targeted towards liver & eye health. In addition to the Chinese herbs, I’ve received nutritional counseling from Jane as well as acupuncture therapy on a regular basis. Within less than 4 weeks, my eyes were feeling at least 50% better and the condition keeps improving on a monthly basis. Jane believes that I will be able to correct most of my eye problems without the need for additional surgery and so far my health improvements are definitely confirming her predictions. Jane Ma is very much gifted in the realm of healing arts where she doesn’t just treat individual symptoms, she targets the root cause of symptoms by treating the body from a holistic perspective by using the 4 keys to optimal health: body, mind, energy & nutrition.



Recurring Miscarriage – Now Proud Parents Of A Beautiful Baby Girl

We finally got time to send you some photos we are both very proud parents and so happy with our little girl even though she keeps us up at night. Thank you so much for all your help we couldn’t be happier.



Couldn’t Fall Pregnant – Now We Have Little Thomas

Graham and I welcomed Thomas into the world at 7:14 this morning. He was 2.8kg so much bigger than first estimated. Birth went well and Thomas seems very health so far. Thank u so much for your part in bringing him into our lives. We are so grateful to have found you.



Suffered 12 Months Of Hot Flushes Now Gone

I am so pleased with my response to the Acupuncture Treatments that Jane Ma has been administering over the past few weeks. I went to Jane Ma after suffering from pre menopause “Hot Flushes” over a period of at least 12 months…the occurrence was becoming more often ( a couple of times each day and then at least twice per night) and with the hot summer season coming I knew that sleeping at night would virtually be impossible. I have never experienced acupuncture before and was a little worried about the needles… but I was totally amazed at how pain free the procedure was, I actually found that I felt quite relaxed immediately after my 1st treatment. I went home with some Herbal tea to drink for the week until my next appointment and I was amazed to find that I had virtually no Hot flushes during that week. I have now had 4 treatments & continue to take some herbal tablets each day and I have not experienced any Hot Flushes day or night since for some weeks now, I cannot honestly believe how much Jane Ma’s treatments have improved my day to day wellbeing and I have had such restful sleep at night time. I can and will be recommending Jane Ma’s treatments to friends and ladies that I meet. (I was also able to claim this treatment from my Health Fund). Thanks again Jane



IVF Support

Merry Christmas Jane. Wee was born on the 19th, 71b/3195g. At 8 days old she is already above her birth weight. All is well & very exciting. Nick has 3 weeks off so the three of us are having fun starting our new adventure. Thank you very much for your help.



Hi Jane,

The newest member of our little family: Aaliyah born@7.16pm on 23/09/2012 weighing 3.710kg. will send pics soon!

I gave birth to her inside the birthing pool, didn’t have any medications or need any medical help. Everything is going well so far.

Karla QLD



Help With Pregnancy & Infertility

Hi Jane, I just wanted to let you know that my son Nathan was born at 12:30 am on 29th October weighing 10 pounds. Mum and bub are both doing well! I went into labor without being induced so thanks for your help. I will stay in touch. Best wishes.



Hi Jane,

Good morning! We want to share with everyone that our little girl was born yesterday at 11:07 am at RBWH. Bubby is doing well. We’re all well. Happy New Year everyone!

Kokila QLD



Pregnancy and Infertility Support

I had my baby last night. All went well, was a really quick labor, and he came out healthy and well, and weighed 3.66 kg. I’m a bit swollen but feeling good today. I will bring him to visit you soon, thanks for all your help and support through the pregnancy.



Hi Jane,

Nope, we are now the proud parents of a baby boy! (As of 7:30am this morning). A HUGE Thank you from both of us for all your efforts to get us healthy and to support this new life into the world. Thank you Jane- we (you included) did it!

Danielle QLD




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