We are extremely lucky at AcuNatural Health to have lots of positive stories of people trying to fall pregnant who do so under our care. Although the circumstances are all different, the happy and warm feelings we get from hearing, being a part of, and sharing these stories never changes.

Here is just one of our more recent stories:

Abby (not real name) came to us on the recommendation of her friend, and one of our loyal customers. She and her partner had been trying to fall pregnant for 9 months with no success.

Her doctor asked her to do a scan and found that she had a small 6mm polyp in her uterus. Her doctor attributed this as the main reason she could not fall pregnant. The doctor believed she would need surgery to remove the polyps and go on medication that would stop her body producing oestrogen, stimulating a menopause-like reaction in the body.

Abby had been seeing another acupuncturist, but upon hearing her friend’s praise of Jane Ma, our excellent and experienced in acupuncture, she decided to give AcuNatural Health a go.

Jane immediately got to work, working on 20 major acupuncture points around the body. Abby contributes this to the quick results she began to see – her previous acupuncturist had only been using 5 points.

After her third treatment, Abby was a day late with her period. In her words, she has never been late. Immediately she tried a pregnancy test and got a blood test to be extra sure – and both tests came back positive!

Abby is yet to have a scan to see what has happened to her polyps, but has avoided surgery as well as unnecessary medication and is now preoccupied with her upcoming baby.

Abby now sees us every fortnight and is happy as can be!