Our fully qualified TCM practitioner will carry out your treatment.

A TCM practitioner must complete the relevant university degree, generally a Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as becoming a member of the association which includes passing certain government regulations. These accreditation’s have been recently revised by the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation agency.

Your initial consultation will be with Jane Ma and will run for approximately 75 minutes. In this consultation you will go through a diagnostic overview which includes your previous medical history, current complaints and ideal outcomes. Jane will talk you through what will be involved in your TCM treatment, explaining the need for any further tests or procedures. Together, you will form treatment plan working towards your desired outcomes.

Initial consultations are 75 minutes while follow up appointments are generally 50 minutes long. This includes a 10-15 minute consultation at the beginning of each session to track how you are going, with the remaining time set aside for your acupuncture treatment.

The majority of our patients find the acupuncture so relaxing that they often fall asleep. If a needle is causing discomfort, our practitioners will always make you more comfortable including using thinner needles and explaining that the “pain” you are feeling isn’t really pain, it is the energy points being activated. Your first session may be more painful due to these sensations, but this will lessen as the points get used to being activated.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a very personal journey and treatment time will vary from person to person. Some people may require follow up appointments at regular intervals for a short period of time, while others may require a longer recovery period.

We do not recommend that you add anything to make the taste go away; however eating certain strong or sweet foods like mints or dried fruits may ease the bitter taste.

A fertility initial consultation is no different to any other initial consultation, the questions and nature of the consultation is simply more orientated towards your conception goals and difficulties.

For those hoping to conceive, we normally do weekly appointments, however this does depend on individual circumstances and managing appointments around work and social lives. Each follow up consultation will consist of a 10-15 minute assessment of how you are going with the prescribed herbs. We will then also monitor your progress by evaluating your temperature charge, pulse and tongue and some general health questions. Any further herbs can then be prescribed based on these assessments, and you will be offered an acupuncture session. The whole process is about reviewing and reformulating your progress to achieve results.

A number of factors dictate the length and experience of each patient, however it is expected on average, for cases that are not difficult, conception will occur from anywhere between 3 to 9 months.

Ultimately this is a very hard question to answer as some may fall pregnant in as short a time period as three weeks.

Yes, we seek to be flexible around your other medical treatments. We strongly recommend you inform your gynaecologist and/or IVF doctor of the alternative health treatment you are receiving, so that if there are any conflicts, we can work around them and arrive at a solution together, even if this involves discontinuing any alternative health treatments. Above all, it is most important to us that you are stress free and in the best condition to conceive.

Rarely do patients suffer from side effects however if any become apparent we urge you to inform us, so we can alter your medication and improve your general comfort.

You should have acupuncture four weeks before IVF, with one or two treatments on the day of embryo transfer. We usually continue to take care of our pregnant women until 13 weeks into the pregnancy or – in the case of recurrent miscarriage – until the time at which your last miscarriage date has passed.

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