“I found Jane, quite by accident, when I goggled Chinese Practitioners in the Brisbane area. I live in CQ, so I wanted a Practitioner who I could see on my one off visit to Brisbane, but still keep in contact with via phone or email.

I attended my appt with Jane and discussed my major problems of dry mouth, tiredness, and menopause symptom’s. Also, I talked to her about my brain tumours. I’ve had one major operation nearly 5 years ago and was now living with 2 new ones and the one that was operated on was now growing back again.

Since then Jane has been a miracle worker with her herbal teas and pills. My dry mouth is slowly improving, but my day and nights sweats are now gone. I was only on her pills for a few days when the sweats just stopped. Finally, after years, I was having the best night’s sleep. And I have increased energy levels and I feel, a new lease on life.

I thank Jane every day for what she was able to do for me. She continues to work on my dry mouth and her next phone call, we will discuss my brain tumours. She is hoping to help reduce them.

I’m so happy I found Jane. Her service and understanding of one’s health is a miracle. After years of being on pain medication etc. I just wanted natural remedies. I was sick of living a life as a zombie. Drugged out and sleeping all of the time.

I’ve told all of my family and friends about Jane. Hoping that they will contact her, if needed, and get the same wonderful results that I have received in about 6 weeks.

Many thanks Jane, you truly are a wonderful person with an extraordinary talent.”