Suffered 12 Months Of Hot Flushes Now Gone

I am so pleased with my response to the Acupuncture Treatments that Jane Ma has been administering over the past few weeks. I went to Jane Ma after suffering from pre menopause “Hot Flushes” over a period of at least 12 months…the occurrence was becoming more often ( a couple of times each day and then at least twice per night) and with the hot summer season coming I knew that sleeping at night would virtually be impossible. I have never experienced acupuncture before and was a little worried about the needles… but I was totally amazed at how pain free the procedure was, I actually found that I felt quite relaxed immediately after my 1st treatment. I went home with some Herbal tea to drink for the week until my next appointment and I was amazed to find that I had virtually no Hot flushes during that week. I have now had 4 treatments & continue to take some herbal tablets each day and I have not experienced any Hot Flushes day or night since for some weeks now, I cannot honestly believe how much Jane Ma’s treatments have improved my day to day wellbeing and I have had such restful sleep at night time. I can and will be recommending Jane Ma’s treatments to friends and ladies that I meet. (I was also able to claim this treatment from my Health Fund). Thanks again Jane