Acupuncture for IVF embryo transfer- currently 26 weeks pregnant

“I started acupuncture with Jane after my second IVF embryo transfer failed. I had heard that combining IVF with acupuncture can be beneficial, and I thought it was worth exploring.

As I was preparing for my third embryo transfer, Jane requested that I chart my temperature as well as report on the thickness of my lining from scans with my fertility specialist. As I have a very long cycle (35-40days), Jane suspected that the lining of my uterus was too thin to support a pregnancy previously, and that acupuncture treatment may be able to assist with this.

I commenced acupuncture treatments with Jane on a weekly basis leading up to the embryo transfer, while carefully monitoring the thickness of my lining. Treatments then increased to several times per week either side of the transfer, and then back to a weekly treatment. When I had my embryo transfer, my lining was to the appropriate thickness, as well as showing the necessary three-layers that are indicative of a good lining.

I received a positive pregnancy test two weeks later, and I am currently 26 weeks into my pregnancy with no complications. I now see Jane for an acupuncture treatment once per month until the birth of my baby.

I find the acupuncture treatments relaxing, and a reminder for me to slow down and look after myself and my baby. I would highly recommend Jane for acupuncture treatment combined with IVF as I feel she provides a service that compliments IVF treatment, while also looking into issues that hadn’t yet been considered. Jane has also been a great resource for lifestyle advice while pregnant, as well as providing supplements to support my pregnancy.”