Instant Relief From Tennis Elbow, Gone After 6 Weeks

I developed tennis elbow a few years ago and I have consulted a number of medical professionals who told me my recovery time could take up to 12 months. It was even suggested that I go on steroid medication which I really preferred not to given the adverse side effects associated with this medication. By the time I had my first appointment with Jane Ma, I could not even lift a bowl with my arm. I felt instant relief after the first appointment of acupuncture and by the third my mobility was 85% improved. After a few more sessions, I was back to normal – that was 6 weeks!! I was so impressed with Jane Ma’s treatment that I have gone back for treatment for headaches and general wellbeing. If you are experiencing some sort of pain, I would highly recommend that you give Jane Ma a call – she will not only fix the problem but also look at the cause. I have recommended Jane Ma to family, friends and work colleagues as her treatments work for me.

For women’s health:

I been seeing Jane for years, in addition to helping me with some pain issues, she helped me to regulate my menstrual cycle and as a result I fell pregnant fairly easily. Jane Ma supported me with her treatments during my pregnancy as I suffered from strong morning sickness and headaches. I now have a healthy baby. I have recommended Jane to family, friends and work colleagues who have “women” issues as she will look at it from a holistic point of view.