Eye Surgery Made Things Worse. Within 4 Weeks My Eyes Were 50% Better.

I have been experiencing eye problems for the past 4 years which ranges from dry eye syndrome to red irritated sclera. I had several eye surgeries in an attempt to correct the problem, which actually made things worse. I did a lot of research and found out that in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the eyes are directly connected to the health of the liver. This discovery prompted me to find a TCM practitioner that I could trust and work with to bring my organs back into a state of balance to hopefully start reversing my various eye conditions. I started working with Jane Ma in October 2012 where she prescribed some Chinese herbs targeted around stress relief as well as Chinese herbs targeted towards liver & eye health. In addition to the Chinese herbs, I’ve received nutritional counseling from Jane as well as acupuncture therapy on a regular basis. Within less than 4 weeks, my eyes were feeling at least 50% better and the condition keeps improving on a monthly basis. Jane believes that I will be able to correct most of my eye problems without the need for additional surgery and so far my health improvements are definitely confirming her predictions. Jane Ma is very much gifted in the realm of healing arts where she doesn’t just treat individual symptoms, she targets the root cause of symptoms by treating the body from a holistic perspective by using the 4 keys to optimal health: body, mind, energy & nutrition.