“I am a perimenopausal woman aged 54. Just a little over 6 months ago I was completely exhausted, so much so that I started to wonder if I was suffering from chronic fatigue or some more serious condition. My periods had at times been so heavy, they lasted for three weeks. This more than anything else made me feel a loss of ‘joy of life’ and confidence. I felt I didn’t even have the energy to plan for exciting things in my life- it was all too hard.

I suffered mood swings, PMT, insomnia, low libido, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness. I am normally a very optimistic person- I felt that my personality had even changed. Since seeing Jane and focusing on my health issues, I am now able to function normally again.

My energy has returned and I feel that I am back in control of my life rather than at the mercy of these horrible symptoms. Jane is an extremely gifted practitioner. She is kind and wise as well. Jane immediately worked out a clear plan for me with weekly acupuncture and daily herbs. I feel so grateful for her help and would recommend her to everyone, especially if they are suffering from perimenopausal symptoms.”