“Nothing has helped until I came to Jane. No longer taking paracetamol with codeine.”

I only wish someone had recommended acupuncture sooner.

I don’t like needles so I had never really considered acupuncture because I couldn’t understand why you would willingly have someone stab you with needles. But acupuncture is nothing like the needles for taking blood and you hardly feel them. Unfortunately with so many things wrong for so long, it wasn’t a quick fix for me. But more normal (& hence my hormones are started to balance); the excessive sweating has stopped; my period is improving (less pain and bleeding each cycle); and my energy levels began increasing. Jane is great because she takes the time to explain and answer questions. She looks at the whole picture instead of only one symptom at a time like all the other doctors and specialists did. Jane combined acupuncture and Chinese medicine to try and rid my body of a uterine myoma (fibroid) to balance my hormones and normalize my periods. I haven’t finished my treatment yet but I’ve gone from always feeling tired, being low in energy and only having a couple of days each month when I felt “normal” to now having energy & feeling more “normal” the majority of the time- only feeling tired/low energy for one and a half weeks per month. I had headaches most days before I started treatment with Jane. I also had extremely heavy and painful periods. The pain has reduced by about 10% each time so I am no longer taking paracetamol with codeine. For a similar cost of a doctors’ appointment, you get a 45+minute appointment, which includes treatment and consultation. I’ve been to all sorts of doctors and specialists where they kick you out the door within 5min, they don’t listen or explain anything and they have no answers. Nothing has helped until I came to Jane.