When I first landed myself in Jane’s clinic, I was nothing short of a mess.

A chronic neck and upper back problem, which has haunted me throughout my whole adult life, had reappeared uglier than ever. My usual prescription for pain relief incorporated a series of visits to my regular osteopath, twice-weekly ART™ massage therapy, the maximum daily dose of Ibuprofen, and yoga practice. This time however, no relief came.

After a few weeks, what was once rote neck and back pain, had grown to become an agony that was absolutely debilitating. I began to worry that something more sinister was going on and booked myself in for an MRI scan. The results showed nothing but a perfectly healthy neck. Relief at this point seemed hopeless. Followed by breaking point, which came when I endured my first full-blown, three-day migraine.

That’s when I found Jane, and I am so happy that I did.

I had experienced the amazing efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine years prior for help in curing my Glandular Fever. However, I’d never before considered it as a treatment for my re-occurring neck and back condition. Under the pre-conceived (and disillusioned) belief that needles and herbs with names I can’t pronounce couldn’t possibly fix a problem as pragmatic as tension buried in my neck. But the times were different now and I was a desperate woman. So, I decided to sustain any slight skepticism I had and instead, place all my faith in AcuNatural Health.

Jane, of course, has completely altered by perception on the power that Chinese Medicine has to cure stress and muscular related issues. After my initial session with her, through a combination of cupping and acupuncture, I experienced decreased pain immediately. The first signs of relief I’d had in weeks!

Jane undertook an intensive and thorough examination of my health and lifestyle in the true holistic Chinese approach. Covering the key cornerstones of Traditional Chinese Medicine: diet, sleep and lifestyle. Then, deep diving further into my medical history and that of my family’s, plus a detailed look at the functioning of my body’s organs. This took about 30 to 45 minutes – a refreshing experience to the revolving door effect that unfortunately occurs too often within GP clinics.

Jane prescribed weekly visits over the course of a month and a half, with interchanging acupuncture and massage sessions. The latter treated by the amazing Shannon who was able to decrease the pain through her deep knowledge of Chinese Massage principles and experienced hands. Jane also prescribed a mixture of Chinese herbs, that I could easily take morning and night, to help break up the phlegm that was causing the stagnated energy where the pain was appearing in my body.

The results were that in 2 weeks, I was practically pain free. Only a slight stiffness would arise in the morning that was quickly resolved once my body began to move.

After one and a half months, the pain was completely gone.

Now at the time of writing this testimonial, three months since I first visited Jane and Shannon, I remain completely pain free. An amazing result. Made even more so by the fact that within this time I have gone through highly stressful experiences (including an overseas relocation) that would usually pull the trigger on my old pain.

Overall, AcuNatural Health provided a service that went absolutely beyond my expectations. I did not believe that Chinese Medicine could be so effective in resolving back and neck pain. Through Jane’s truly tailored treatment – plus the passion, love and attention that I imagine she shares with each one of her patients – I have been able to regain my life again, pain free!

Thank you Jane and Shannon both for your loving care to help me get back on track with my health and make me strong once again!”