Case studies: Acupuncture for thin Endometrium lining

The endometrial lining needs to be thick in order to be able to conceive.

Here at AcuNatural Health in Brisbane we have 3 case studies of 3 patients treated by our practitioner, Jane Ma. Jane Ma, with all 3 cases, used Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture to improve the thickness of the endometrium lining. All treatments were focused on improving the oestrogen levels and the blood flow to the uterus. Traditional Chinese herbs were also used by Jane Ma as part of the treatments’ plans to help and support the growth of the lining. However, it’s important to note that for each patient a unique mixture of herbal medicine was provided on the basis that each individual, even with the same condition, has different needs and thus a different diagnosis.


When Sharon came to AcuNatural Health Brisbane in 2015 she had gone through IVF in March 2015 and unfortunately it failed twice. Each time the embryo transfer failed and she was then told by her doctor her endometrium lining was too thin. Sharon’s lining used to take 27 days to grow to just 9mm. She had irregular cycles of 26-43 days, she experienced menstruation pain, clots, sore lower back and headaches

Sharon has been followed by AcuNatural Heath clinic practitioner, Jane Ma, who reported Sharon’s progress:

“Sharon approached me in Sep 2015 to help her thin lining grow. The 1st treatment she received was on her cycle day 4, on day 7 she saw her Dr. to discuss the embryo transfer in the same cycle. However, before the embryo transfer she went through with TCM and acupuncture treatments. On day 11 scan, it showed lining of 5mm, second scan on day 17 lining of 7mm, day 24 scan showed 1 dominant egg 18mm, lining was 7.9 mm with 3 layers. Also, the blood test showed LH increase, and on day 33 she had embryo transfer. Sharon had the whole cycle with out medication, purely natural cycle with acupuncture weekly treatments to reduce her stress, promote the blood circulation in the uterine and encourage the lining to grow with 3 layers in order to have a successful embryo transfer.

Now she is 28 weeks pregnant.”


Kaila has been followed by AcuNatural Heath clinic practitioner, Jane Ma, who reported Kaila’s progress:

“When Kaila came to AcuNatural health in 2015 she had a high profile job with a lot of responsibilities and thus she was very stressed. Kaila went through IVF early 2015, she had 6 embryo transfers that failed and had to cancel two embryo transfer cycles because the lining was too thin with only 6mm. Kaila came to see me on 8/08/2015 and was on her cycle day 3. She was happy to take Chinese herbs and any supplement that could help build her lining to at least 9mm. Thus, we started acupuncture and TCM treatments. On her cycle day 12 scan it showed lining around 5.2 mm, on cycle day 17 lining was 8 mm, had LH injection on the same day, and ovulated on day 19. Kaila on her cycle day 24 had 2 embryo transfers and 2weeks later she had positive blood test result.

Kaila’s case was much harder then Sharon, due to the age that causes decrease of Oestrogen and stress from the career. The treatment plan was focused on increasing oestrogen naturally with Chinese herbs and supplements of blood tonic, Qi – regulating herbs to reduce the anxiety and encourage circulation through all the new blood vessels and tissue to build up lining.

Now 11/02/16 she is 32 weeks pregnant.”


Kiera has been followed by AcuNatural Heath clinic practitioner, Jane Ma, who reported Kiera’s progress:

“When Kiera came to AcuNatural health in 2015 she had stopped the contraceptives pill early 2013 and had been trying to fall pregnant since then. Kiera Had IVF in 08/2015, 1st embryo transfer was in sep 2015 and it failed.

Kiera came to see me just after the failed embryo transfer on her cycle day 10, and her BBt chart was too high. She had history of short cycle around 21-23 days and only bleeding for 1-2 days. Her lining was too thin to support the implantation. She was also stressed by her job. Straightaway, I gave her strong Chinese herbs to built her oestrogen, and reduce her stress. I planned to get her hormones balanced in order to build up a thicker lining. Kiera responded very well to the treatments and on the 1st cycle after IVF her cycle improved to 28 days cycle and the bleeding went from 1-2 days to 3 days. Her 2nd cycle was 31 days, bleeding for 4 days. On her 3rd cycle , on day 11 her lining was 6.8mm, on day 14 the lining was 9mm and on her day 19, Kiera had embryo transfer on 2/12/15.

Now 11/2/16 she is 13 weeks pregnant.”

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