PCOS and infertility case study

Danielle (34 years old) wanted to regulate her hormones and menstrual cycle, reduce/remove any negative premenstrual symptoms, and fall pregnant.

Symptoms present
Danielle was diagnosed with PCOS in February 2012. Her symptoms included:

  • premenstrual syndrome
  • painful menstruation
  • blood clots
  • sore breasts
  • headache
  • mood swings
  • emotional instability
  • night sweating.

Danielle’s history
Danielle had been on and off the pills for 10 years, since her early 20s. She stopped taking the pill in 2011 and went for six months without getting her period. After 6 months her cycle length was 70 days.

By early 2014 this improved to a cycle length of 50 days; however, she continued to experience the above premenstrual symptoms. Danielle had been recording her Basal Body Temperature (BBT) in a chart, which revealed she was not ovulating was and outside the normal healthy range.

Danielle’s previous treatments
No previous treatment. Danielle planned to start IVF treatment beginning of 2015.

How acupuncture helped Danielle
Treatment duration: 2 months

On 26 August 2014, Danielle had her first consultation with Jane Ma, Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner here at AcuNatural Health.

Danielle decided to try acupuncture and Chinese medicine as a natural alternative to regulating her hormones and falling pregnant before undergoing IVF treatment early the following year. Jane Ma advised Danielle to have acupuncture treatment once a week for 8 weeks and to couple this with specially formulated herbal medicine based on her presenting symptoms.

Danielle continued recording her BBT, which revealed that during treatment her temperature started to stabilise. It also revealed that she ovulated for her first 2 cycles after starting treatment. This also resulted in a reduction in pain and other premenstrual symptoms during menstruation.

On 28 of October 2014, Danielle tested positive on a pregnancy test.

To learn more about how acupuncture and traditional Chinese Medicine can help PCOS, contact us at AcuNatural Heatlh.

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