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Adv Dip. Nut Med, Qualified Chef

Josephine is well-known for her calm, focused passionate and unique care she offers clients, particularly children. Josephine grew up in Southeast Asia and has a long relationship with herbs and their medicinal qualities; they have been an important part of her life from a young age. As a very normal part of her lifestyle, she has always had nourishing practices that help her navigate her personal journey in health.

Josephine uses traditional Western food-based nutrition with an eastern twist, not only using living food as her choice of treatments through nutritional guidance but herbs play a large role in her consultations. Let food heal thy self is an important message and Josephine is able to recommend treatments that look deeply at all levels of the body including organs, tissue, cells, DNA, levels of a particular disease, allergies, food sensitivities, pathogens, and bacterium. This enables her to recommend treatment, in addition to over 6 years of Nutrition experience and skills in Nutrition and dietary advice, dietary, Herbal medicine, & living food.

Being gifted with the patience and understanding to connect with young children, Josephine breaks down barriers and support parents in developing lasting changes for their children and helps to delve deeper into the root causes and health journeys with parents. Equipping parents with tools to help make the impact needed to get your child’s wellbeing into a place that leaves parents confident they are nourished and flourishing.

As a qualified Pastry Chef, Josephine has been exploring many alternatives to mainstream common food allergies. AcuNatural Health creates solutions with nourishing tasty substitutes.

Josephine has a passion for thyroid health having autoimmune thyroid disease, nutrition has played a huge role in maintaining her condition using natural alternatives and through complementary medicine. Creating a healthy vibrant, and revitalizing lifestyle for her patients is Josephine’s passion and goal as a nutritionist. Josephine enjoys working in all aspects of health, with interest in gut health & digestive imbalances, thyroid, high cholesterol, stress pain & weight management, chronic fatigue, malnutrition, diabetes management, energy & stamina.

Email address: young8healthy@gmail.com
Phone number: 0402 891 213

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