For those women who feel they have small breasts, never fear, because at Acunatural Health in Brisbane we have Cosmetic Breast treatments to help breasts develop. Our talented team consisting of Acupuncturist Jane Ma and Massage Therapist Shannon Radke will have you feeling and functioning with bigger breasts in no time!

Small breasts may not seem like a big deal, but not only can they contribute to self-esteem and mental health issues, small breasts can also be a symptom of a bigger problem. The medical term for small breasts that cause or contribute to medical conditions is “underdeveloped” or “hypoplasia” breasts.

During pregnancy is also a time where negative effects can emerge from having underdeveloped breasts as it often can cause limited or a lack of ability to breastfeed for mothers due to a lack of milk glands.

Signs and Symptoms of Small/Underdeveloped Breasts

  • Narrow breasts
  • Lack of fullness
  • Swelling of or around the nipple
  • Post-pregnancy a lack of or limited ability to produce breast milk

Usually underdeveloped breasts are a symptom of another condition and so together with menstruation issues, stunted growth and infertility can be a greater cause for concern.


There are three main categories that can cause small breasts.  They include:

  1. Genetics
  2. Deficiencies
  3. Hormonal imbalances/conditions


If small breasts run in the family then the chances of inheriting small breasts are high. In these circumstances small breasts are natural and minimal in their consequences. For women who fall into this category who would like their breasts to be bigger, perkier and firmer, cosmetic acupuncture is worth considering as it can increase bust size anywhere between 1-3cm and shows results almost immediately.

However, if certain conditions are carried down in the family, such as Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) then the small breasts can come with other significant issues.  In these circumstances our acupuncturist Jane Ma will develop a more in-depth treatment plan with courses of Chinese herbs included. See how Acunatural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help below for more information.


This category includes a wide range of causes, all of which centre on a deficiency in something. Examples include vitamin or mineral deficiencies, malnutrition or eating disorders. These deficiencies typically occur throughout a girl’s pubescent life. They usually cause stunted growth, particularly in the breasts. This does not mean, however, that all these causes are linked to diet. In some cases, deficiencies can potentially be triggered by heavy menstruation during adolescence or a lack of bleeding, sudden growth spurts, etc. A lot of the body’s energy and resources is then focused on dealing with these more serious issues and may not initiate growth in the breasts.

Hormonal Imbalances/Conditions

Hormonal causes for small/undeveloped breasts occur either because the woman does not have enough hormones necessary for breast growth, or they have too much hormones, or they have some combination of both. These can include all kinds of reproductive conditions, but in essence, women who get their periods later in life will have small breasts, as will women who suffer from heavy or irregular periods. These imbalances will affect different parts of the body and can have a significant impact on fertility. These imbalances can also occur after pregnancy, affecting the new mother’s ability to produce breast milk, amongst other concerns.

How Acunatural Health and Traditional Chinese Medicine can help


At Acunatural Health our acupuncturist Jane Ma can help women from all three categories to different effects. Acupuncture helps promote the flow of ‘qi’ throughout the body and by focusing it on the breast tissue and allowing proper nutrition into the breasts, proper growth should take place.

For women who fall into the genetic category who would like their breasts to be bigger, perkier and firmer, cosmetic acupuncture is worth considering as it can increase bust size anywhere between 1-3cm and shows results almost immediately.

For those suffering from deficiencies, acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments can help even out and improve the metabolising of whatever the body is lacking. Similarly, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can treat the underlying hormone imbalances or other reproductive issues that could cause smaller or undeveloped breasts.

Acupressure and Massage Therapy

Acunatural Health is lucky to have our own specially trained Massage Therapist that can offer a range of services from acupressure, Tui Na treatment and scraping to help smaller breasts develop. Acupressure is a mix of acupuncture and massage where the same points are used from acupuncture but rather than needles a type of finger pressure massage is used instead. By using acupressure points between and under the breasts, the endocrine glands will be activated. At the same time the pituitary gland should begin producing more of the hormone oestrogen which will revitalise function in the ovaries. As a result the cells of your breast should begin to develop and increase in size.


Scraping or ‘Gua  Sha’ is a traditional Chinese Technique that uses a smooth-edged implement to cause light bruising (essentially redness) to treat ailments. The technique does not hurt and the red rash-like outcome fades within a day. For increasing breast size there are specific acupoints targeted to stimulate the immune system and release toxins. In companion with an acupuncture treatment with Jane Ma and/or massage session with Shannon, you can be scraped in two main areas, around the collarbone and in the thighs which are directly connected with the breasts. Measurements taken before these treatments and afterwards usually show an increase in bust or individual breast size.


Exercises that can increase your breast size sound either like a myth or a miracle but in conjunction with the other treatments listed here results are achievable. By building up the pectoral muscles that support the breast not only will the size increase but it should also improve or negate any neck, back and shoulder aches a heavier chest could cause. If you come for treatment at Acunatural Health in Brisbane, our massage therapist Shannon, who is also trained in exercise physiology, can provide you some stretches and exercises to assist you in building the muscles around your breasts.


There is no pill or ‘superfood’ that can give you bigger breasts. However, by improving the quality of your diet you increase your chances of a bigger bust in two ways. Firstly, by addressing any deficiencies or digestive issues you may be experiencing. By improving your digestive system you will not only feel better, but your body will function better and can spend more time and energy in other places, such as an undeveloped chest. Secondly, by maintaining a good diet you support the other treatments (acupuncture, massage and scraping) in their role of treating you inside and out, making the process smoother and more effective. After a session with Jane Ma, acupuncturist, you can receive a tailored diet plan to your needs.

We at Acunatural Health take cosmetic issues, such as small breasts, seriously and for the month of October we are offering special discount prices on our cosmetic breast treatments for our clients, new or regular!

October Cosmetic Breast Treatment Prices

Acupuncture Initial Consulation $120 (save $80)

Acupuncture Follow-Up Consultation $90 (save $30)

1 Hour Massage $75 (save 20)



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