The pituitary gland produces a hormone called prolactin, when this hormone is produced in a high level it can be as simple and as natural as the pregnancy or it can be a medical issue. If not pregnant, high level of prolactin may mean that the pituitary gland is making excess prolactin for unknown reasons (idiopathic hyperprolactinemia), prolactinomas, liver disease (cirrhosis), kidney disease, and thyroid issues.

Prolactin is one of the hormones used to test your fertility and when you have no Period. The hormone stimulate breast to produce milk which happened to breast-feeding women after gave birth their baby, meantime they are period has stopped, because the high prolactin decease ovaries function.


  • Prolactinomas (benign tumours of the pituitary gland)
  • Other pituitary tumours
  • Some non-pituitary tumours
  • Prescription drugs
  • Under active thyroid
  • Breast stimulation
  • Chest wall trauma
  • Birth control pills
  • Over exercise
  • Tight bras
  • Stress

Signs and Symptoms:

High levels of prolactin in the blood can cause various symptoms such as:

  • Irregular periods or no period
  • Fertility issues
  • Low sex drive
  • Milk leaking from the breasts
  • Increased growth of body and face hair
  • Headaches

How high prolactin levels affect fertility?

High prolactin levels cause your body to go into the breast feeding stage, which reduces the levels of your reproductive hormones, FSH and estrogen. Due to this the ovaries are not able to produce eggs so no mutual egg will be released, and it becomes impossible to conceive.

Mild high prolactin levels may cause irregular or long menstruation cycles. The ovulation is infrequent and egg quality is not the best, which leads to inadequate progesterone levels.   This causes thin lining of the endometrium; making embryo implantation difficult and/or impossible. However, if implantation does happen there’s a high chance of miscarriage.

How Chinese herbs and Acupuncture treatment?

Chinese herbs and acupuncture focused on reducing your stress to promote liver function, and also to balance the kidney yin and yang energy to restore kidney function.

Positive results

With moderate high prolactin, Chinese herbs with Acupuncture can reduce prolactin to normal range. Thus you’re then to achieve the regular ovulation to conceive.

Here at AcuNatural Health Brisbane today we are blogging about a patient’s case study treated by our practitioner, Jane Ma. Jane Ma used Traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. 

Case Study: Lynda, 36, PCOS, uterus fibroid, long term use of the contraceptive pill (20 years)

Lynda has been followed by AcuNatural Heath clinic practitioner, Jane Ma, who reported Lynda’s progress:

“When Lynda first came to AcuNatural Health in July 2015 she was diagnosed with PCOS and uterus fibroid. She just had stopped the use of the contraceptive pills after  20 years and since then she had irregular menstruation cycle from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. She was over weight with a  BMI of 44.1, and found it very hard to loose weight. She also was overly emotional and very stressed out. Lynda had a  history of asthma and had high prolactin 21ug/L on the 23/06/2015. Since she start Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatment in July 2015, Lynda’s prolactin level went back to normal with 14 ug/L ml, her 1st cycle length went from 59 days to 30days, the 2nd cycle was 31 days and in the 3rd cycle she got pregnant in Nov 2015. During the treatment I put her on the loose weight program with two acupuncture treatments with massage weekly plus chinese herbals supplements which helped increase her metabolic rates and balance her prolactin levlels”

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