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Join Us for a free information evening, Thursday 17th of March at 6/7 O’Connell Tce Bowen Hills, on how to reduce stress and improve the quality of your life with Hypnosis!

Millions of people around the world are stressed daily due to various reasons. It affects a person physically, physiologically and psychologically. Stress alters ones mind and body and makes him or her feel like a different person.

Stress is not always bad. Some amount of stress is necessary to achieve our goals and fulfil our wishes like waiting for a reward. Some amount of stress increases adrenalin secretion and aids in improving performances.

But long term, neglected stress can lead to depression and can result in general deterioration of health, ulcers, heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, stroke, vague pains in neck and lower back, permanent psychiatric illnesses and even death.

A hypnotherapist helps identify the causes for stress, a person’s reaction to stress, gives stress reduction techniques and changes the person’s approach in dealing stress in future.

Hypnosis can be used for reasons like simple relaxation, to more complex matters like pain relief during labour. It reduces anxiety and stress, proper sleep rhythms, gives painless relief to many problems; changes behaviour, reduces fear, phobias, innovates healthy life style, helps to overcome undesirable habits like smoking, drinking, drug addictions and overeating.

It makes a person more confident to face any obstacles in the future and progressively relaxing muscles helps in lowering blood pressures, normalize pulse, respiration and perspiration.

Hypnosis is a much quicker and easier method than yoga and meditation and it is a much cheaper technique. It is rather a soft and gentle method for stress relief.

Book in to be part of our information evening and begin your stress relief journey!

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