Teenagers suffering Menstrual Pain

Period Pain

Period Pain

Life for any teenager is already stressful with mounting academic pressure in their final year, relationship worries, social dramas and personal insecurities. Period pain is a particular complaint for teenagers aged 12 – 19. At this time they’ve just entered puberty and are experiencing their first menarches. Their bodies are still developing and commonly, teenagers may experience pain, discomfort, acne, irregular periods or heavy bleeding. Especially during this early period, teenagers and their mothers may believe pain is normal and a part of the processes of change. This is not the case at all, pain need not ever be tolerated, and other conditions associated with puberty may also be minimised. Many who wish to escape this pain they see as inevitable, will turn to quick solutions such as the pill to control their menstruations: regulate periods, minimise bleeding or even stop periods altogether. However, taking the pill at this stage of development may be counter intuitive. The pill suppresses reproductive organ functions whilst they are still growing and lowers the body’s immunity.

Such effects can reduce nutrition absorption and cause serious harm, such as cystitis, urinary tract infections, blood clots and skin problems. Most frighteningly it can lead to infertility later on in life. A large percentage of menstruating teenagers suffer from incredibly painful periods, even conditions such as endometriosis, and may be particularly swayed by the pill, however in their late 20’s or early 30’s when they want to conceive, they may encounter serious problems. Whilst a portion can conceive immediately, others find it very difficult to conceive with their irregular menstrual cycles or amenorrhea. For some women of child bearing age, their painful menstruations push them to make decisions such as performing hysterectomies in their early 40ies or even late 30ies. For the purposes of contraception, the pill is a great tool, however it is not the only treatment for period pain.

Menstrual Pain

The Pill in combating Menstrual Pain

Additionally, for many people, taking the pill just may not feel right, their bodies may not respond as medically suggested and they may feel even more pain and discomfort.

What you Need to Know

Teenagers may also be ill-informed and unaware that sex during menstruation can lead to infections and fallopian tube blockage. This can be very painful. Furthermore, as women often believe that period pain is normal, they do not realise that persistent pain is often a symptom of serious disorders such as endometriosis and fibroids.


It is important to seek natural, effective and efficient treatments instead of the “quick fix” pill solution. Natural remedies can bring long term and short term benefits and help women say no to menstrual pain. If you think Jane might be able to help with your menstrual pain then please contact her today. It might change your life.

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