2017 is certainly underway! The new year is the perfect time to say goodbye to all those thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us and to prepare our mind, body and spirit for the year ahead. Have you made some resolutions or goals for 2017?

Sometimes the burden of last year can follow us into the new year– old habits that stay around or the consequences of overindulgence in the holiday season can make your resolutions difficult.  A general term for this is toxins.


What are toxins?

Put simply, toxins are harmful matter. Toxins can be found externally in our environment, food, cosmetics, water and plastic containers; as well as internally – our body naturally produces toxins as waste matter to a wide variety of metabolic processes. Toxins can also be our behaviours, actions and thoughts. For example – stress, overeating, poor nutrition, drug use and alcohol consumption.


How do toxins affect me?

Your body is naturally equipped with organs and processes to eliminate toxins. However, when we are creating or exposed to too many toxins our body can become inhibited. Our toxic load can become too much for our body and we may become unwell.

Your toxic load has a big influence on your:

  • energy
  • weight
  • skin appearance
  • digestive function
  • immunity
  • endocrine system
  • mental health and mood
  • sleep


What can I do about my toxic load?

A healthy diet and lifestyle are paramount to avoiding or eliminating toxins as well as improving your body’s coping mechanisms against them. Eating plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of clean water, getting adequate sleep and doing exercise can all help you decrease your toxic load and improve your health.

Sometimes we can be so over burdened with toxins that our bodies need a little more help – that is when your qualified health practitioner comes in! Each individual is unique and as such needs a treatment made just for them; over-the-counter detox products can be ineffective or even harmful so please avoid those.



The practitioners at AcuNatural Health are all focused on holistic health. They are well equipped to help you mentally, physically and emotionally achieve your new year’s resolutions. With acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, homeopathy and hypnotherapy we can help you clear your mind, remove unbeneficial toxins and be happy and healthy in 2017.


How does TCM & acupuncture help detoxification?

TCM and acupuncture may be used to assist the removal of toxins, as well as the maintenance and optimisation of organ function. When toxins are removed, Qi flows much better throughout the body. TCM and acupuncture can also support your body’s natural elimination processes such as blood circulation, perspiration, digestion and excretion.

To learn more about our acupuncturist, click here:  http://www.acunaturalhealth.com.au/about-jane-ma/


How does massage help with detoxification?

Not only can massage relax you and help release tense muscles, it can also help stimulate your lymphatic and circulatory systems.  The pressure and strokes used in massage can help shift toxins into these systems for removal.

To learn more about out massage therapist, click here: http://www.acunaturalhealth.com.au/shannon-massage-therapist/


How can homeopathy help with detoxification?

Homeopathy may be used to help stimulate and support the body’s natural detoxification and elimination processes.  Homeopathic remedies may be used to promote blood circulation and the gentle release of toxins from the tissues and cells. Homeopathy may also provide the energetic and emotional support needed for change.

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How can naturopathy help with detoxification?

Naturopathy may also be used to help stimulate and support the body’s natural detoxification and elimination processes. Naturopathic treatments may include dietary and lifestyle alteration to ensure your toxin exposure is at a minimum, as well as supplementation to help your body remove the toxins you are taking in.

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How can hypnotherapy help with detoxification?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to achieve awareness and new information.  Your subconscious mind is opened and allowed to make desired change based on suggestions provided by the hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is beneficial for addictions, negative thought patterns and habits that may need alteration.

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