Getting Pregnant Naturally - Acupuncture BrisbaneIf you are having trouble getting pregnant naturally, AcuNatural Health can help. One of the most widely used treatments to help get pregnant naturally is acupuncture. And when you come to us at Acunatural Health, you’ll be in very experienced hands. Jane Ma practices acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has a great track record for helping couples get pregnant without drugs or IVF.

How acupuncture helps you get pregnant naturally

Getting Pregnant Naturally - Acupuncture BrisbaneAcupuncture was developed in ancient China over 5000 years ago, and is continually gaining a wider acceptance in the West. It involves stimulating certain points in your body to help promote the flow of vital energy (or ‘Chi’). These points are stimulated using super-fine needles, which are so fine that you can hardly feel them pierce your skin. Acupuncture allows pent-up energy to start flowing within your body along invisible channels called meridians.

Acupuncture has time-honored and scientifically proven benefits to help you get pregnant. It can unblock specific areas of your body, including your reproductive organs, to make sure they are at their healthiest when you’re trying to get pregnant.

How Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you get pregnant naturally

Getting Pregnant Naturally - Acupuncture BrisbaneMany of our clients looking for natural ways to help get pregnant combine acupuncture with Traditional Chinese Medicine. That’s because Chinese medicine can treat the vital elements of reproduction. This includes the egg cell quality, the health of the eggs, and the quality of the semen.

Chinese medicine is a natural and drug-free treatment that looks at your overall health in helping you get pregnant.

Other AcuNatural Health services that can help you get pregnant

At AcuNatural Health, we also offer a number of other services that help with getting pregnant naturally. These include:

How acupuncture helps once you’re pregnant

Acupuncture isn’t just beneficial for you in getting pregnant naturally, but also once you fall pregnant. And it can help you and your baby.

According to Valerie Hobbs, director of the Southwest Acupuncture College, babies can be influenced by ‘maternal toxins’ while in the womb. These toxins can lead to higher fevers, frequent childhood illnesses, and a tendency towards skin irritations. Hobbs says, ‘Regular balancing treatments throughout pregnancy enhance the health of the mother, preventing complications and influence the development of the baby’.

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If you’re looking for natural ways to help get pregnant, contact Jane Ma at AcuNatural Health. She will look at your individual situation and work out how best to treat you using acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.